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"Josh seemed so ideal when his profile came up on Mature Dating that I really thought it must be too good to be true, but when we met for our first date he was just as wonderful as I’d imagined and we’ve been dating happily for the last year. I’m so glad I joined mature Dating!"

Tammy and Josh met on Mature Dating

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Mature Dating Success Stories

Jane and Noel

"Noel was a real gentleman and I could tell that the moment he messaged me. That’s why I was glad I’d joined mature dating. I know when they said mature they meant ‘older’ but to my mind it also meant more grown up, more no – nonsense and in a way, more genuine. When I met Noel he really was the epitome of what I was looking for, someone who could sweep e off my feet, but could also be a long term companion. Well, the day after our first date Noel sent me flowers. It was a Monday morning and ever since I’ve received a gift every Monday morning. I really am amazed I met such a magnificent guy online but it just goes to show you that sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind and give things a go."

Met on Mature Dating and together 4 months

Success Story
Success Story
Dating Success Story

Denise and John

"When I look back I'm sure it was John who contacted me. His profile was very funny and I thought that he could be ok, he winked at me and I winked back, we started chatting and it turned out that we both come from the same area way back in South London and went to the same clubs and pubs when we were young unbelievable so we had lots to chat about. We chatted for about 3 weeks and then he asked for my mobile number, I was a bit nervous but I gave it to him, as soon as I heard his voice I thought he sounded just like me a bit of a cockney and very funny. About a week later I asked him if he would like to meet up and he said yes that would be nice. We arranged a date in Chelmsford a nice pub. When I pulled up in the car park and saw him I thought wow his better than his photo. He took me to lunch and we spent about 4 hours together then when we got home, got online and both said we had a lovely time he thought I was nice and visa versa. We met up the following week the same pub and got on terrific. Had our first kiss in the car park which was lovely. Kept phoning one another and chatting online then he came to my house I had some invitations to family parties so asked if he would like to come with me. We had a great time cannot imagine life without him now and we are talking about moving in together. He comes to my house every weekend now and stays his selling his bungalow. We have both cancelled our subscriptions and I love him to bits and he does me so happy days and thank you so much never thought this would happen to me. I feel very comfortable with him and we are on the same wavelength very lucky girl. Xx"

Met on Mature Dating and together 3 months

Sam and Ben

"The last time I dated it was the 80s and a cinema ticket cost £2.50, so I really wasn’t sure how to approach the modern singles scene. My sister told me to get online and even helped me write my profile. Well, her handy work really did the trick because I met Sam, a scientist just like me! But there was so much more that Sam and I had in common, like we’d both been to the same university, but three years apart, we’d both considered emigrating and we both loved guest ales! Well, that was enough for me and within a few months Sam and I were living together. Now we’re getting married too and thinking about moving to New Zealand. Thanks Mature Dating, I couldn’t have done it without you!"

Met on Mature Dating and together 9 months

Success Story